Uploading audio files could not be easier.

We have a variety of ways for you to send your audio files for transcription, so let’s just go through some of the most popular ways.


Drop Box

The majority of our surveyors use a personalised drop box which we set up and provide you with a link.

Drop box has over 300 million users where files can be synced and stored securely. All that we do is create and folder and share it with you. You can drop anything in the box including documents i.e. templates, excel spreadsheets, your audio files for transcription, pictures etc.

If you have several surveyors that need to share the folder, we can arrange that as well. All we need are the email addresses of each user and we add them to the drop box. You are always in control of what goes in to your personal drop box and you can add your transcription files night or day.

We Transfer

A lovely stylish site which takes very little time to send files through. All you need to do to send your transcription files is pick out the files you want to send and pop in an email address for both yourself and the person you want to send the audio file to. A simple status meter will pop up which will give you an estimate of how long is remaining before the file has been sent. Very easy to use and a breeze.

Jump Share


Jumpshare works along the lines of drop box. Again secure and free. You can share files via email or just use a link. All files are encrypted with AES-256 and no one can gain unauthorised access to your files. To share your transcription audio files and documents with jumpshare just sign up for an account.



Many of our clients still revert to emailing their transcription files directly to us. All you need to do is attach the appropriate file and email us at anitacoscolin@gmail.com.

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